Friday, December 16, 2005

A letter to Janet's car

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Dear Ms. Jetta,

I'm afraid there's a new gang in town. The Snow Thrower gang. And we're demanding more garage room. Now that all of us are working... and we've been working our butts off to keep your driveway clean... we think we need more space. So there's going to be some changes. We're going to put the empty boxes and garbage cans on your side of the garage, so we have some room to stretch. You can have the space back in the summer.

If you can't handle this... you can talk to Lloyd...


Sugarkisser, Lloyd, Pips, and Gimilfer... the Snow Thrower Gang

PS - We'll need your garage door opener ASAP.... thanks!

Maybe there should be a letter from "The Kid" to the snow blowers stating that they need to find a new home because he is moving in?
hmmmm ... this sounds serious and from the picture, looks serious.
Suggestion, you could always add on.... haha. or as Georgie would say....yeowieeee!!
git a shovel..... takes up less room.....quiet llll and cheaper to use......
Is there room for the Dart in there?
There is no room for the Dart yet...
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